Let’s go Green to get our Globe clean

With the aim of being able to give back to the community in which we work, Phoenix Mall has the vision of becoming a Social Mall.

In doing so, we are focusing on a three year plan whereby we will be promoting and engaging ourselves towards the importance of Environmental Protection.

In this optic, various activities will be organised in the mall on a trimestral basis with the valuable collaboration of ENL Foundation and NGOs.

Note: You may already support us in this campaign via the recycle bin that has been installed on the parking – alley facing main entrance.

  • World Environment Day 2016

    On the occasion of the World Environment Day 2016, the mall organised a platform whereby local Non-Governmental Organisations proposed creative workshops and awareness activities to the public in view of environmental protection. Besides, the customers also enjoy entertaining activities and small plants as give-aways. ...




 Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support ecological communities.



Be a model mall where people are inspired to be the best they can be.




To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…


Create value

To create value and make a difference.

Objectives & GOALS of the Campaign

Promote Environmental Education through Workshops

• 4 educative workshops to be held on the first year;
• Attendance to the workshops: 70 pax each time;

Sensitize People about the Importance of Protecting the Environment

To help people change their day-to-day habits; encourage them in adopting an ecological attitude

To support NGOs engaged in Environmental Protection in their works

By participating with the students in the different activities of the NGOs

Engage our Tenants to use environmental friendly resources i.e. low consumption bulbs/ air conditioning

To get 10% of the tenants to use eco-friendly resources

To sensitize tenants with regards to importance of being environmental friendly i.e. to provide a point of recycling of used batteries/ mobile phones in stores/ Jumbo to donate their nearly perished products

All tenants to have the recycling box in their store